05 September 2022 23:00
Haber - MINEXON 6.0.4 UPDATE


  1. Added lottery system. (New feature)
  2. The forum module has been integrated into the system as a feature, it is now active on all sites.
  3. Reporting system added. (Messages, Topics, etc. can be reported and resolved through the panel.)
  4. Topic pinning feature has been added to the forum.
  5. Added thread locking feature to the forum.
  6. Approved/unapproved category feature has been added to the forum. (Now, topics created by users in the categories you specify automatically enter the approval process and only the owner can see it until you approve.)
  7. Log system has been added to the forum. (All removed messages, topics, etc. will be logged, if you wish, you can republish these topics or messages with one click.) 
  8. Statistics have been added to the forum.
  9. Added notification feature for default theme. (Thanks to this feature, the content you specify [you can edit it as html] is displayed as a notification on users' screens when they first log in.)
  10. Errors in the language editing page have been fixed.
  11. Fixed bugs in Stripe payment method.
  12. Fixed translation errors in the South theme.
  13. Added MXN currency.
  14. The remember me time has been increased. (7 days)
  15. Systemic and design problems have been fixed.

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