Our Features

It is our unique and advanced features that make us who we are.

Blog and Comment

You can publish news via the administration panel and users can comment on this news.


Thanks to the store system, you can sell separately in all areas by adding servers, categories and products.


When users are going to shop in bulk, they can buy all the products in bulk by adding them to their cart instead of buying them one by one.


Users can create support requests for different categories and games for any problem.

Credit Buy/Transfer

Thanks to the credit upload system, users can make purchases by adding credits to their site account. Thanks to the ability to send a loan, users can transfer loans between each other.

Card Game

Players can win prizes by playing the game you have added from the management panel in the type you have specified, whether for a fee or for free.

Gift Coupon

Players can have the rewards you have determined by using the coupon codes you have added from the management panel.


Thanks to the inventory system, users can provide rewards and gifts for a long time. When their inventory is completely full, they can use the items or give them as gifts. They can increase the number of slots with site credits.


Allows you to store, use and gift products available in-game here.

Bulk Discount

Instead of having to add a discount to all the products in the store one by one, you can provide a discount to all the products at once.

Credit Bonus

Allows users to earn extra bonus credits when they upload credits.

Profile System

Users can view and manage all the operations they do very easily thanks to this system. In addition, users can October with other users privately on their profiles.

Recover Account

Thanks to the Forgot password system, users can automatically reset their passwords using the password reset link that comes to their email address.

Light&Dark Theme Mode

Thanks to this mode, it allows you to choose the theme mode that does not tire your eyes and is pleasant to look at. Each user can use any mode he wants.

Discount Coupon

They can have great discounts by using the discount codes that you have added from the administration panel in the type that you have specified, whether in the cart or in the store.


From the administration panel, you can ban players who have committed inappropriate behavior on the site.

Setup Wizard

With this streamlined installation wizard, you can create your site in a matter of seconds with a single click without requiring any software knowledge.


You can have and use these designs, which have been developed and edited by our team, for free as you wish.

Discord Webhook Notifications

Thanks to webhook notifications, it automatically sends a notification message to the channel you have specified on your discord server in many processes.


You can create a record in a completely secure and encrypted way and browse the website as much as you want, play games. Thanks to the Login system, you can log in to your existing account and make checks.

Secure Payments (Multiple)

You can pay with more than 10 pay structures and add earnings to your earnings.

Email Template

I forgot my support and password For the email template, you can use the template we created as an example or make your own design.


Thanks to the chat system, users can chat via the website in real time from anywhere at any time.

Upload Image

You don't need to use different image upload sites anymore. You can upload the desired image to your site from the administration panel.

Page System

You can create new pages very simply, without requiring any software knowledge.

Support Ready Response

You can get rid of this by adding a ready-made answer to each support instead of writing the same answer over and over again.

Theme Editing (CSS, Color, Image)

You can make more pleasant images by adding your own custom css codes to the management panel.

Announcement System

You can share announcements from the administration panel to instantly bring important events together with users.

User Notifications

Users can receive instant notifications about transactions made on their account.

Maintenance Mode

You can put your site in maintenance mode via the administration panel. In this mode, only users with Maintenance Mode authorization can view the site.

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